Monday, 2 May 2011

Boat Trips In Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is surrounded by several islands such as Kastelorizo, Symi, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Tilos, and Karpathos. To get to those islands, you can go on boat or cruise trips which are available in four ports, i.e.: Central Port, Kolona Port, Akandia Port, and Kamiros Skala. There are chartered yachts, cruises, and boats to serve your trips around the Greek islands in Mediterranean Sea.

Kastelorizo is located at the most southeastern tip of the Greek territory where you can find archeological sites of Palaikastro (Old Castle) and Castro (Castle) in the center of Kastelorizo island, and stone-hewn tomb in the eastern area of Kastelorizo’s port. Diagoras Vessel will transfer you from Rhodes at 3.30 hours estimated time with the range ferry fare from € 20.50 (Economy Class) to € 61 (Luxury) per pax.

Symi lies on 23 miles away at the north of Rhodes town. This island is famous for its fisheries and wild herbs. The natural colored houses are lined along the coastal side, providing awesome sight when you are approaching the island on the running ferry. To get to Symi, you can go from Rhodes by ferry in about 1.40 hour duration and the fare price is € 7.80 (subsidized) to € 11.70.

Lipsi (or Leipsoi), is located on the southern part of Samos island, and northern part of Leros, famous for its thyme honey, dairy products, wine, grapes and cheese. From Rhodes, you can go there by Pride Dodekanisos speedboat with estimated time 4.30 hours and the boat fare is € 45 per pax.

Kalymnos is stretched between Kos and Leros islands, and facilitates the best diving spots in the world as well as enchanted caves around the island. Pride Dodekanisos speedboat and Diagoras Ferry will take your from Rhodes to Kalymnos by estimated time of trip 3 hours, and the boat fare is € 38 (Pride Dodekanisos), while for Diagoras ranges from € 20 (Economy Class) to € 66.50 (Luxury) per pax.

Tilos is famous for its mountain breathtaking view and wild plants that cater the contentment of addicted mountain climbers. Dodekanisos Express speedboat and Diagoras ferry will transfer you from Rhodes to Tilos with its estimated time of 2 hours. Dodekanisos Express speedboat fare is € 24.50 per pax, while for Diagoras ferry ranges from € 13 (Economy Class) to € 61 (Luxury) per pax.

Karpathos offers recommended spots for ancient structures and beautiful landscape for tourists. To get to this Island, you can go from Rhodes by taking F/B Prevelis Ferry with the ferry fares range from € 23 (Deck) to € 60 (Lux) per pax.

Faliraki One Of The Most Crowded Places with Tourists in Rhodes

Faliraki, known for its best resort, is a village 14 km away from Rhodes town situated on the northeastern coastal array of the Rhodes Island. The sunset view on Faliraki is breathtaking with its golden strikes shining on the Mediterranean Sea. The beach sand stretching 5 km along the coast provides a perfect spot for family recreation. Twelve Blue Flags of FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) fluttering around Faliraki for certifying the high quality of its marine, ecological information and education, as well as security, decorate the magnificence landscape to worth a visit. During summer especially in July and August, Faliraki will be packed by many tourists from around the world for its dry and hot weather. The friendly temperature and picturesque nature encapsulate Faliraki village as the top listed tourists’ destination along Mediterranean Sea.
Faliraki’s largest water park in Europe recommends interactive entertainments for family adventures including fun water slides, huge swimming pools, Aqua Gym, Lazy River, Pirates Ship, and a lot of games. To get to this park, the Water Park management has arranged transportation with daily operation by boat from Mandraki Harbor and a free transfer by bus from Rhodes Town. Faliraki’s night outs are also offering romantic rendezvous in restaurants with direct view of lovely blue water of Mediterranean Sea, and entertaining nightclubs with their contented atmosphere, as well as the great performance of traditional dances and Greek music which will create unforgettable moments throughout your stay period.
The hotels available in Faliraki bestow their guests with assorted pleasures during their visit, by providing best accommodation, serving mouthwatering Greek cuisines, complete hotel’s facilities, and affordable room rates. The hotels ranking as Deluxe are Paradise Royal Mare, and Rodos Palladium, for A-category hotels are Apollo Beach, Colossos Beach, Kresten Palace, and Blue Sea, whilst for C-category hotels are Dimitra, Matina, and Venezia. Faliraki also hosts several apartments and studios for their tourists, such as Anna Apartments, Castello Di Cavallieri, Colonial Apartments, Limanaki Apartments, Nostalgia Suites, Anika Studios, Apollonia Studios, Cannon Studios, Katina Studios, Paradise Studios, and Splash Studios.
So many restaurants and taverns scattered around Faliraki serve not only the tempted traditional Greek dishes, but also other cuisines such as Indian, European, Mexican, and Chinese for completing the various flavors of your own preference. The most favorable dishes in this island are dominated by fishes, seafood, and lamb meat mixed with its original ingredients creating unique taste and fulfilling your appetite.

Kameiros, Ancient City Ruins

Kameiros (Kamiros) constitutes one of three metropolis cities on the island of Rhodes, situated on its northwest coastal array, around 30km from Rhodes town, at the foothill of Mount Akramytis. This ancient city preserves numerous historical sites, which was sepulchered and discarded for centuries but then found in 1929. Kameiros established in 3rd Century BC was one of three biggest cities on the island, next to Lindos and Ialyssos. It has three stages which are hilltop, the central patio, and the lower patio. Acropolis is a Citadel or a city which was built on a higher ground bordered by peribolos. Its higher-ground establishment was intended for the defensive purposes.
The Athens Kameiras complex located at the Acropolis is surrounded by the Stoa consisted of Doric bars and rooms or shopping arcades at the back side. The central patio consisted of passages and houses were partially ruined by the earthquake when it hit the city in 226BC and 142BC. Apollo’s Doric temple, the assembly place (agora) as well as, an ancient court and several arches to worship numerous deities (or called “Peribolos of the Altars”) were found on the lower patio. The beauty of this city was uncovered by the Dorians and the excavation process was executed by two archeologists from Italy, Auguste Salzmann and Alfred Biliotti, from 1852 to 1864. Since then, this place is now famous for its archeological sites such as Acropolis, Mycenaean necropolis at Kalamvarda, Reservoir, Hellenistic Stoa, Ionic Naiskos Of Poros, Fountain House, Agora, Peribolos of the Altars, Hellenistic Altar, Hellenistic Temple, and hemispherical Dais.
If we want to spend several days in Kameiros, there are various accommodations scattered around on its landmark, such as Liros Pension, Kamiros Hotel – Rhodes town, Kamiros Rooms – Old town, Elafos Hotel, and Nautica Blue. Liros Pension began to run in 1997 with ten rooms available for the romantic escapee. It was surrounded by Sienna, Mandriko, Embona, and Monolithos villages. The vacation spots you can enjoy during your visit are forest-walk and the boat trip to the island of Halki. Kamiros Hotel is located in the Rhodes Town consisting of 48 rooms. Kamiros Rooms is good for back packing tourists. Elafos and Elfina hotels were constructed in the late thirties, and were under renovation in 2006. Nautica Blue is a five star hotel situated in Fanes Beach Rhodes. Those hotels have special exteriors and interiors which make the guests feeling comfortable, and would consider it as the best vacation they ever experienced.

Food You Can Eat While In Rhodes

Greek food has the typical characters of the cuisine from Italy, Turkey, Balkan states, and Bilad ash-Sham (or Levantine), with its dominant use of cheese, yoghurt, olive, zucchini and eggplant, as well as honey, nuts, and phyllo pastry. Cooking traditional Greek dishes usually take longer than any cuisines which are the secret key of their mouthwatering flavor, such as Spanakopita, Moussakas, and Bakaliaros. Their original ingredients are only found in Mediterranean countries though some have been exported to international markets. Due to this, if you want to find the best traditional Greek food, you should come there to enjoy its original taste.
The Greek dishes for appetizer usually consist of feta cheese, olive, and yoghurt. The most popular Greek appetizers are Kotosoupa Avgolemono (a sauce made of egg and lemon), feta cheese slice, zucchini strips, dakos (Greek bruschetta), tapenade (a mixture of kalamata/green olive, grated garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil), saganaki (fried dredged-Greek cheese), tzatziki (a mixture of cucumber, yoghurt, and minced garlic), and boiled shrimp dip in latholemono sauce.
For the main dishes, Greek food has various dishes such as Pasticcio (a mixture of baked pasta and meat), Moussakas (eggplant slices cooked in meat sauce and cheese), Arni me Patates (roasted lamb’s leg and potatoes), Souvlaki (skewered kebabs or satay), Spanakopita (spinach pie), and many more.
Greek side-dishes are also famous for their unique taste, such as Lahanika Yemista (assorted of veggies such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, and peppers), Fassolakia Freska (casserole mixed of green beans, tomatoes, and assorted herbs), Bakaliaros me Skorthalia (salt cod), Gyro (meat slices roasted in rotisserie grill), and Horta Vrasta (boiled greens such as spinach or dandelions).
The last is the dessert. There are lots of popular Greek desserts that will compliment the whole courses, for instance Baklavas (baked phyllo mixed with nuts), Galaktoboureko (baked phyllo with egg custard and milk), Melomakarona (cookies made of honey, walnuts, cinnamon, and sesame seeds), Halvas (pudding made of honey, raisins and nuts), and Tsoureki (sweet egg-bread).
Meats used in Greek food are usually including lamb, pork, chickens, turkeys, rabbit and duck. Most fishes are imported nowadays due to the puny fisheries in Mediterranean Sea, yet seafood is dominant in many dishes. Grilling, frying by using olive oil and baking are the most common cooking methods for those Greek foods. Although some of the dishes need a very long time to cook and use a lot of cooking tools, the taste will pay off.