Monday, 2 May 2011

Kameiros, Ancient City Ruins

Kameiros (Kamiros) constitutes one of three metropolis cities on the island of Rhodes, situated on its northwest coastal array, around 30km from Rhodes town, at the foothill of Mount Akramytis. This ancient city preserves numerous historical sites, which was sepulchered and discarded for centuries but then found in 1929. Kameiros established in 3rd Century BC was one of three biggest cities on the island, next to Lindos and Ialyssos. It has three stages which are hilltop, the central patio, and the lower patio. Acropolis is a Citadel or a city which was built on a higher ground bordered by peribolos. Its higher-ground establishment was intended for the defensive purposes.
The Athens Kameiras complex located at the Acropolis is surrounded by the Stoa consisted of Doric bars and rooms or shopping arcades at the back side. The central patio consisted of passages and houses were partially ruined by the earthquake when it hit the city in 226BC and 142BC. Apollo’s Doric temple, the assembly place (agora) as well as, an ancient court and several arches to worship numerous deities (or called “Peribolos of the Altars”) were found on the lower patio. The beauty of this city was uncovered by the Dorians and the excavation process was executed by two archeologists from Italy, Auguste Salzmann and Alfred Biliotti, from 1852 to 1864. Since then, this place is now famous for its archeological sites such as Acropolis, Mycenaean necropolis at Kalamvarda, Reservoir, Hellenistic Stoa, Ionic Naiskos Of Poros, Fountain House, Agora, Peribolos of the Altars, Hellenistic Altar, Hellenistic Temple, and hemispherical Dais.
If we want to spend several days in Kameiros, there are various accommodations scattered around on its landmark, such as Liros Pension, Kamiros Hotel – Rhodes town, Kamiros Rooms – Old town, Elafos Hotel, and Nautica Blue. Liros Pension began to run in 1997 with ten rooms available for the romantic escapee. It was surrounded by Sienna, Mandriko, Embona, and Monolithos villages. The vacation spots you can enjoy during your visit are forest-walk and the boat trip to the island of Halki. Kamiros Hotel is located in the Rhodes Town consisting of 48 rooms. Kamiros Rooms is good for back packing tourists. Elafos and Elfina hotels were constructed in the late thirties, and were under renovation in 2006. Nautica Blue is a five star hotel situated in Fanes Beach Rhodes. Those hotels have special exteriors and interiors which make the guests feeling comfortable, and would consider it as the best vacation they ever experienced.

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