Monday, 2 May 2011

Boat Trips In Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is surrounded by several islands such as Kastelorizo, Symi, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Tilos, and Karpathos. To get to those islands, you can go on boat or cruise trips which are available in four ports, i.e.: Central Port, Kolona Port, Akandia Port, and Kamiros Skala. There are chartered yachts, cruises, and boats to serve your trips around the Greek islands in Mediterranean Sea.

Kastelorizo is located at the most southeastern tip of the Greek territory where you can find archeological sites of Palaikastro (Old Castle) and Castro (Castle) in the center of Kastelorizo island, and stone-hewn tomb in the eastern area of Kastelorizo’s port. Diagoras Vessel will transfer you from Rhodes at 3.30 hours estimated time with the range ferry fare from € 20.50 (Economy Class) to € 61 (Luxury) per pax.

Symi lies on 23 miles away at the north of Rhodes town. This island is famous for its fisheries and wild herbs. The natural colored houses are lined along the coastal side, providing awesome sight when you are approaching the island on the running ferry. To get to Symi, you can go from Rhodes by ferry in about 1.40 hour duration and the fare price is € 7.80 (subsidized) to € 11.70.

Lipsi (or Leipsoi), is located on the southern part of Samos island, and northern part of Leros, famous for its thyme honey, dairy products, wine, grapes and cheese. From Rhodes, you can go there by Pride Dodekanisos speedboat with estimated time 4.30 hours and the boat fare is € 45 per pax.

Kalymnos is stretched between Kos and Leros islands, and facilitates the best diving spots in the world as well as enchanted caves around the island. Pride Dodekanisos speedboat and Diagoras Ferry will take your from Rhodes to Kalymnos by estimated time of trip 3 hours, and the boat fare is € 38 (Pride Dodekanisos), while for Diagoras ranges from € 20 (Economy Class) to € 66.50 (Luxury) per pax.

Tilos is famous for its mountain breathtaking view and wild plants that cater the contentment of addicted mountain climbers. Dodekanisos Express speedboat and Diagoras ferry will transfer you from Rhodes to Tilos with its estimated time of 2 hours. Dodekanisos Express speedboat fare is € 24.50 per pax, while for Diagoras ferry ranges from € 13 (Economy Class) to € 61 (Luxury) per pax.

Karpathos offers recommended spots for ancient structures and beautiful landscape for tourists. To get to this Island, you can go from Rhodes by taking F/B Prevelis Ferry with the ferry fares range from € 23 (Deck) to € 60 (Lux) per pax.

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