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The Rhodes King of Tlepolemus and his Dorians founded Lindos in 10BC, located in the Dorian Hexapolis. This town was developed into a business central due to its geographical location between Greek and Phoenicians. Charis the Lindos, the Colossus of Rhodes’ architect was born here.  Upon the establishment of Rhodes, Lindos’ function was gradually neglected. The acropolis of Lindos was surrounded by the Athena Lindia’s temple which during the occupancy of The Knight of St. John, this temple was partially reconstructed into a colossal fortification in 14BC. After centuries, Lindos was submerged from earth surface, and it was only discovered after 19th Century by Denmark’s Carlsberg Institute. K.F. Kinch and Christian Blinkenberg who directed the excavation process founded the groundwork of Lindos’ constructions. Within the occupancy of Italians by the year of 1912 to 1945, the progression was continued but resulted significant damage to their historical value. The restoration of the remnants was executed, yet it did not make any substantial contribution. The core value of its historical constructions was diminished. Nowadays, the Greek Government under the Ministry of Culture has conducted the proper restoration and preservation to protect and maintain the valuable world heritage.
Since the end of Italians occupancy, Lindos has been famous for its archeological site, which lies on the east coast of the Rhodes Island about 55km from the Rhodes city. The ancient buildings visible these days include the Athena Lindia’s Doric Temple, the Propylaea’s Sanctuary, the Hellenistic stoa, the Rhodian battleship’s relief, the Hellenistic staircase, the temples of Roman, the acropolis of Lindos, St. John’s Castle, and St. John’s Church. Aside to those, the magnificent beaches in this region develop into one of the most popular tourists’ destination in the Mediterranean and Greece. The Lindos’ contemporary village provides interesting water activities, such as snorkeling, swimming, diving, cruising, and water skiing. During the night, the bars and cafes scattered around this village offer wide variety of cuisines and night entertainments. The room accommodation of Captain’s Houses or villas surrounded by wall proffer delicious cuisines and budgeted price to the tourists. Most of the villas are private property of musical artists and authors yet they are not openly published the ownership. The picturesque scenery around Lindos landscape is the added value for the tourists around the world. With the population of around a thousand people and the warm weather reflected to its locals, makes the journey worthwhile. The romanticism of this place is well-known for the wedding venue of its locals or a honeymoon escapee for people outside the country.

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