Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rhodes Beaches

Rhodes preserves heavenly beaches around the island. The clear water of Aegean Sea combines with the picturesque hills, unique landscape along its coast, beautiful sun, and friendly weather create Rhodes a sought paradise existing on earth. Some said that if you want to know what the heaven will look like after you die, then come to visit Rhodes. The enchanting beaches in Rhodes have been widely known through centuries, and hence the raison d'être why this island was being contested ages ago. Its nature’s beauty and wealth accommodate the largest financial source to its locals. This comes to a maximum extent after UNESCO appointed Rhodes as the World Heritage Preservation Site for the wide-ranging value of its historical monuments and remnants. This prompts an international recognition and consideration to witness this marvelous paradise on a visit or more.
There is an array of 42 beautiful beaches surrounding the island of Rhodes, but the top-ten list of most favorite beaches include Lindos Beaches, Faliraki, Prassonissi, Affandou, Ladiko Anthony Quinn, Ialissos, Lardos, Elli, Kallithea, and Akti Miaoulli. Lindos is adjacent to three popular beaches which are Lindos Beach Limanaki Agios Pavlos, Lindos Beach Palace, and Lindos Beach Megali Paralia. These three beaches provide crystal-blue water, golden sand, the sight of Lindos unique village and the Acropolis on the hill top. The small bay of St. Paul (Agios Pavlos) was the first Christianity base in Lindos when St. Paul landed and addressed his preaches here circa 43AD, and in the 13th Century the Knights of Rhodes built the Orthodox Chapel of St. Paul to accolade his exertion. This chapel is now popular for its wedding venue for both locals and guests who wish to get married there. Prassonissi consists of wide and long beach separating two turquoise coves, and is situated at the southern tip of this Rhodes Island. Due to its nature’s landscape, the wind blows barrier-less which is perfect for the wind-surf and kite-surf addicts particularly within July and August. Its sandy beach and shallow water present the comfortable swimming activities. Ladiko Anthony Quinn is a small cove surrounded by sea coral, lush vegetation and hills giving the impression of secluded paradise. Its crystal clear water and underwater scenery are perfect for snorkeling and diving especially during summer time for its sea water is warmer than any other seasons. The movie-star Anthony Quinn bought this cove when his movie "The Guns of Navarone" took its filming production in this location.

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